Online Booking

Due to the diverse needs of our corporate travel customers, Best Travel offers multiple online booking products, completely customized to incorporate all your necessary discounts, travel policy parameters, coding for management reports, important messaging, and ease of use functionality to bring a comprehensive and simple to use search engine to your fingertips. Both Concur Travel and Deem are industry leaders in online booking technologies, bringing a suite of services to the user. Both platforms reach far beyond the typical travel booking, offering additional online booking capabilities for dining, limousine, airport parking, automated expense management, and more.

Mobile Phone

Implementing an online booking tool is strictly the first step. We focus on helping you increase your online adoption to drive down transaction costs by offering continual education, training, and support. For those instances when a helpful hand is necessary, Best Travel offers complete agent assistance to help navigate through the online reservation, or make any requested changes to an existing reservation. Our tools are so intuitive and comprehensive, Best Travel realizes a 93% “touchless” online booking experience, rarely needing to intervene.

Mobility is very important in today’s travel environment, and both Concur Travel and Deem lead the industry in mobile booking capabilities. Making itinerary changes on the go allow our customers to manage their travel plans and expense reporting needs efficiently and effectively without missing a step.